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  1. The Patient Research Advisory Group  

The Patient Research Advisory Group (PRAG), created by the McGill Primary Care Practice-Based Research Network (PBRN), invites researchers and clinicians to participate in a FishBowl event to give researchers and clinicians the opportunity to meet with a group of patient partners to get feedback on their project. This event is organized in collaboration with the Unité de soutien au système de santé apprenant (SSA) Québec, antenne partenariat patient public (McGill).

In a facilitated consultation called ‘The Fish Bowl’, the researcher or clinician will present briefly a project to a circle of patient advisors, then step out of the circle while the patient advisors comment to each other any concerns or ideas about anything that touches patients. The researcher will step back into the circle simply to summarize what they heard and ask questions of clarification. The Fish Bow will then be closed, and the researcher will share about the experience.

Then the audience of observers will be invited to ask questions of clarification to researcher, clinician or patient partners.

As you know, it is now expected by granting agencies and peer review committees that patient input will inform research project development and that patient advisors will have an active role during the project. We want to make it easy for our researchers and clinicians to meaningfully engage patients.

Our February 2022 experience with Dr. Tracy Barnet showed that it is always a winning situation to engage patient partners as early as possible in the process.

“During the event, I felt like we were all on the same footing. Listening to the patient partner discussion brought me some insight into their main concerns, and it made me realize that it is never too soon to reach out and collaborate with patient partners. I see the event as an essential step that is foundational to a true collaboration.” – Dr. Tracie Barnett, researcher

If you are interested in benefiting from a consultation with the Patient Research Advisory Group, contact us at: pbrn.fammed [at]

Remember, you can mention this in your grant Fall CIHR grants.


  1. Dr. Fanny Hersson-Edery and al. – Canadian physician mothers and their experiences with labour and delivery: Do physician mothers believe that their profession has an impact on their delivery outcomes?
  2. Dr. Keith Todd & Dr. Mylène Arsenault - Reducing redundancy between telemedicine and in person clinical visits in primary care
  3. Dr. Alexandra De Pokomandy – Cohorte de Soins de Première Ligne McGill
  4. Dr. Leslie Fellows - QAPC: A virtual approach to person-reported outcomes and self-management for research and augmenting clinical care, for long COVID and beyond.
  5. Dr. Machelle Wilchesky and al.– The COSMO trial: Leveraging the PBRN to identify a safe repurposed COVID outpatient therapeutic
  6. Dr. Tracie Barnett and al. - Co-constructing and evaluating a precision health strategy to promote physical activity in primary care: a multi-stakeholder plan
  7. Josiane Cyr & Dr. Patricia Li - PREVANTO (PREvenir l’ANémie chez les TOUT petits): Étude d’implantation d’une grille de dépistage de la carence en fer, avec ou sans anémie, chez les enfants vulnérables de 0 à 5 ans
  8. Dr. Alayne Adams & Dr. Isabelle Leblanc - “"Too much pain doctor!": Training clinicians to detect expressions of psychological distress in patients of diverse ethnocultural groups”


  1. PBRN Day 2022: June 17


  • To render visible and celebrate the accomplishments in practice-based research in our member clinics
  • To nurture collaborations across member clinics and with Department researchers on current and future projects.

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Statistics: 35 participants, 13 presentations

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