About the PBRN

Primary Objectives

  • Increase the formal integration and visibility of the PBRN within the Department and clinical units (GMF-Us) to ensure structured support for promoting practice-oriented research
  • Advance the culture of research in clinical sites through real-world clinical and service delivery research led or initiated by health care professionals and by participating in projects on relevant topics by external researchers.
  • Promote the PBRN network spirit and bridge the worlds of research and clinic by connecting health professionals at McGill primary care clinics to each other and with researchers and graduate students in the Department and with other strategic partners.


Our Mission–To produce and apply research knowledge from and for clinical practice in partnership clinicians, researchers, patients and organizations with an ultimate goal of improving the quality of patient care.

Our approach: participatory research with organizations.

  • Respond to research questions that emerge from clinical practice
  • Involve relevant stakeholders in all stages of research
  • Build research capacity for primary care by connecting research expertise to clinical experience

As a part of the Department of Family Medicine, the McGill Primary Care Practice-based Research Network (PBRN) (or Réseau de Recherche Axée sur les Pratiques de Première Ligne – RRAPPL) is a network of McGill's 9 primary care sites, intended to promote clinician-led research. Peter Nugus and Jeannie Haggerty are the Co-Directors of the PBRN. Nadjib Mokraoui is the Coordinator and Research Facilitator. The PBRN is a proud part of a Quebec-wide network, called Réseau-1 Québec, which provides support for the activities of the PBRNs of its member universities: McGill University, Université de Montréal, Université de Sherbrooke and l'Université Laval. The PBRN is, in fact, part of a global network of PBRNs, whose collaboration we hope to foster.

The PBRN is funded principally by Réseau-1 Québec ($50K/year) and in collaboration with the Québec SUPPORT Unit, we have been obtaining additional funding to facilitate participation of primary care clinics in externally funded patient-oriented real-world clinical research and trials. Réseau-1 supports and federates all the family medicine PBRNs in Quebec. The strategic plan includes objectives and activities that pertain to this funding and collaborative model.

Activity Report

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Strategic Plan

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Operational Group Members

The PBRN has an Operating Committee with members from each member clinic: Jamieson Clark (Queen Elizabeth Hospital), Ariane Courville-LeBouyonnec (Jardins-Roussilon), Annick Gauthier (St. Mary’s), Roland Grad (Herzl), Lucie Lambert (Patient Partner), Claude St-Pierre (Gatineau), Myriam St-Pierre (Vallée-de-l’Or), Alexis Théberge-Lamy (Village Santé).

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