Global Primary Care Workshop Series

In these workshops, participants will reflect on short readings related to primary care delivery in the areas of mental health and non-communicable diseases, and innovative approaches to ensuring equitable and responsive services across the life-course. Through these workshops we hope to identify areas of collaborative research and training worth pursuing

Workshop 1: January 27, 2021

Topic: PHC and universal health coverage


Present and future of PHC:
- To what extent are principles of PHC met today?
- How are principles of PHC still relevant today? - - How will they help to achieve universal health coverage?

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Workshop 2: February 26, 2021

Topic: Mental health

Summary: How should primary care teams be supported to better address mental health needs, including and beyond education/training strategies?

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Workshop 3: March 31, 2021

Topic: NCDs

Summary: How should different cadres of healthcare workers be deployed to manage NCDs?

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Workshop 4: April 28, 2021

Topic: Local clinical innovations

Summary: A snapshot of Montreal-based initiatives from within the DoFM that are serving particular populations e.g. Asylum seekers, LQBTQ+, those experiencing poverty

Workshop 5: May 26, 2021

Topic: Social prescribing

Summary: How can formalized policy mechanisms like social prescribing be used to enhance PHC linkages with the community?


Workshop 6: June 16, 2021

Topic: Aging

Summary: What is the role of informal caregivers in PHC’s response to needs of elderly patients?


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