Global Health Program: The Speaker Series

The Speaker Series will highlight innovative approaches to the delivery of primary care in both local and global settings, including perspectives from industry, non-profit, and indigenous partners. 

Session 1: January 20, 2021

Topic: PHC and universal health coverage

Summary: Present and future of PHC. Relevance to achieving universal health coverage in Canada and world.

Speakers: Dr. Danielle Martin and Dr. Timothy Evans.

You can access the recording HERE and PowerPoints HERE and HERE

Session 2: February 17, 2021

Topic: Community based PHC

Summary: Examples of PHC models in Bangladesh (Jeeon) and Liberia (Last Mile Health) that partner with private pharmacies and community health workers respectively to improve primary care. 

Speakers: Rubayat Kahn and Nan Chen

You can access the recording HERE and PowerPoint HERE.

Session 3: March 17, 2021

Topic: Patient facilitated PHC

Summary: Digital therapeutics, virtual expert care, patient empowerment. 

Speakers: Dr. Deneen Voight, Dr. Al Mulley and Margaret Mulley

You can access the recording HERE and PowerPoint HERE.

Session 4: April 21, 2021

Topic: Indigenous based PHC

Summary: Integrated biomedical and Indigenous models of health and wellbeing

Speakers: Dr. Karen Hill, Dr. Veronica McKinney and Dr. Alex McComber

You can access the recording HERE.

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Session 5: May 12, 2021

Topic: Connecting care

Summary: Connecting social, physical and psychological heath. Creating linkages and tailoring services. Social prescribing pilot and La Maison Bleue.

Speakers: Dr. Vania Jimenez and Dr. Kate Mulligan 

You can access the recording HERE.

Session 6: June 2, 2021

Topic: Health justice and quality of care

Summary: PHC in humanitarian or precarious settings,. Delivery models based on needs (and assets) of underserved populations.

Speakers: Dr. Redwood-Campbell and Dr. Sabina Faiz Rashid 

You can access the recording HERE.

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