Seminar: Reflexivity: a tool to learn from experience and to question practices in health and health research

Thursday, February 20, 2014 12:00to13:30
5858 Côte-des-Neiges

With Dr. Marie-Claude Tremblay, PhD, Public Health.

Presentation: Regarded as a crucial component of practice improvement and development, reflexivity has received much attention in recent decades in literature of many fields, such as education, nursing and psychology. Although there is no single definition of reflexivity, it is conceived broadly as an intended and conscious intellectual activity in which individuals (or groups) explore or examine their experiences to develop new understandings that ultimately shape their actions. In a professional context, reflexivity challenges the practices, roles, beliefs, and values of practitioners and promotes learning and redevelopment of practice. This seminar will explore different types and models of reflexivity, discuss ways to stimulate and encourage development of reflexivity among health professionals and researchers, as well as emphasize reasons why reflexivity should be an essential part of practices in these areas.

Please RSVP to research.fammed [at] mcgill.ca or (514) 399-9109

There is no parking on site and parking is limited in the area. Taxis and public transport are advised.

Cannot make the seminar physically, but would like to attend? Contact research.fammed [at] mcgill.ca to inquire about other options. (Please Note: Students from FMED 504 are expected to be there).

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