External articles/information relevant to DFM

Published: 15Jul2020

Articles/information relevant to the Department of Family Medicine...

FMED Student Video Conte$t

Published: 28Jul2020

The Department of Family Medicine wants to promote graduate students’ voices on our website. We are proud of our students and believe that they should be showcased. You have all earned a place on...

Lashanda Skerritt awarded Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

Published: 28Jul2020

Lashanda Skerritt, PhD candidate in the Department of Family Medicine, is among the latest cohort of Vanier Canada Scholars. The award is Canada’s most prestigious for doctoral students. Vanier...

Meet Richard Budgell, Associate Professor of Inuit and Northern Health Promotion

Published: 28Jul2020

Richard Budgell, newly appointed Associate Professor of Inuit and Northern Health Promotion in the Department of Family Medicine, has a background of more than 30 years as a public servant with the...

August 4th: Workday goes live! (this is not a concert)


On August 4, 2020, a new R2R (Recruitment to Retirement) Program and Workday HR and Academic Personnel Management System will go live./familymedCategory: Dept. of Family Medicine

R2R & Workday

Published: 22Jul2020

To all Academics and Administrative and Support Staff,...

Update on the Canada Research Continuity Emergency Fund (CRCEF)

Published: 20Jul2020

This memo is an update on the process of implementing the CRCEF at McGill and its affiliated health research institutes. We write at this time as researchers may be contacting you or your offices...

Family medicine teams defy COVID-19 by linking to patients via telehealth

Published: 6Jul2020

All it took was a few moments for Dr. Mark Karanofsky to look at his patient and realize something was seriously wrong: Antonio José Santiago was clearly walking with a limp, and the right side of...

Discussing the role of family physicians during the COVID-19 pandemic with colleagues at Tongji

Published: 30Jun2020

On May 15 and June 10, colleagues from McGill University and Tongji University (Shanghai, China) came together through videoconference to exchange information and experiences on COVID-19. The...


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