Update on water advisories

Published: 28 August 2023

Dear members of the McGill community,

We are pleased to inform you that the drinking water advisory for Carrefour Sherbrooke student residence has now been lifted. The water is safe to drink and use in food preparation. It was retested twice last week, with samples taken less than 72 hours apart, as per provincial regulation.

This follows the lifting of the water advisories at La Citadelle and Elizabeth Wirth on August 10, 2023.

New advisory issued for the Barton Building

As part of routine water testing at Macdonald Campus, we received a non-compliant result for the Barton Building. Though Public Health officials did not recommend restricting water consumption based on results, the University still put in place a water advisory, pending investigation and new testing.

On August 25, the Macdonald community was advised not to drink Barton water or use it for food preparation and teeth brushing. Signage was put up and water fountains shut down.

Please note that the water advisory does not apply to the Barton link and Twigs Café. Their water comes from a different source than the rest of the building.

Other advisories still in effect

The water advisories at Ferrier, Thomson House and 3647 Peel remain in place, pending further interventions. Since those situations differ one from the other, building directors will lead additional communications, as per normal protocol. However, because Thomson House is an important event space for various community members, further information will also be provided on the PGSS website.

We thank the community for its continued patience and regret the worry and inconvenience caused by these situations.


Diana Dutton

Interim Vice-Principal, Administration and Finance


Fabrice Labeau

Deputy Provost, Student Life & Learning

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