Water advisories lifted in two McGill buildings

Published: 10 August 2023

Dear members of the McGill community,

Following a new round of testing since our previous message about water advisories being issued for six McGill buildings, two of the water advisories that had been put in place have been lifted.

It is now safe to drink the water in the following buildings:

  • La Citadelle
  • Elizabeth Wirth Music

The two buildings were tested twice, with samples taken less than 72 hours apart, as per provincial government regulations. Both buildings meet regulatory standards.

The water advisories are being maintained in the following four buildings, pending further investigations and actions:

  • Carrefour Sherbrooke
  • Ferrier
  • Thomson House
  • 3647 Peel

Further sampling will be done at Carrefour Sherbrooke, Ferrier and Thomson House. At 3647 Peel St., infrastructure work near the junction of the municipal and the University’s water service connection is required. The work is planned to be done this year.

For these four buildings, signage will remain in place and bottled water will continue to be supplied until issues are resolved.

Please be reminded that you should not drink the water in these four buildings, nor use it for any form of food preparation or for brushing teeth. However, the water may be used for washing hands, dishes and for showering.

General information on campus water

To provide general information on campus water and testing, FMAS is developing a new “Frequently Asked Questions” section on its website. That should be available to the community in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, please rest assured that the University takes health and safety extremely seriously and will continue to act anytime a risk is identified.


Diana Dutton

Interim Vice-Principal, Administration and Finance


Fabrice Labeau

Deputy Provost, Student Life & Learning


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