Application FAQs

1. I’m applying for M.Sc/Ph.D. When do I need to find a supervisor?
It is advisable to start looking for a supervisor early, months before you submit your application. However, you can still submit your application before you have found a supervisor. Your application can be reviewed, but your admission will only be finalized once you have secured a supervisor, and the necessary “Confirmation of Supervision” form and "Research project proposal" form are submitted.

2. I have trouble finding a supervisor. Can you help me contact them?
Unfortunately, no. It is up to each applicant to find a suitable supervisor. The Division does not match students to supervisors. Supervisors and their contact information can be found on our website ( Sometimes we have a list of a few supervisors who are actively looking for students. Please send us an email to see if we have such a list for a given term.

3. My IELTS scores/other official documents were not received by McGill. What do I do?
Please allow 10 businesses for McGill to receive the score and to enter it in the Graduate Admission System (Slate). If it has been more than 10 days, please communicate with the agency offering the test and ask them to send the test score to McGill again. In the meantime, please provide the Division with proof that the score was submitted to McGill prior to the deadline.

4. My application is complete but can I submit this one document (IELTS score, reference letter, other documents) after the deadline?
No. All the documents must be submitted before the deadline, otherwise your application will be refused because it is incomplete.

5. What documents are needed for English exemption?
Please see this page:

6. Should I list my medical residencies/fellowships/certificates in my education history?
No, we do not consider those in your application.

7. My referees have not received the email to upload their letters. Can you do anything?
Please ask your referees to look in their junk folder as sometimes McGill automatic emails get sorted there. If this does not help, delete and re-add a referee in the Graduate Admission System (Slate) and enter their email address again. If you or your referee are experiencing technical difficulties, please communicate with the IT Service Desk (

8. My referee is on vacation and does not respond to my emails. Can the reference letter be submitted later?
No. All the documents must be submitted before the application deadline. Please contact another potential referee.

9. I cannot find the options I need in the Graduate Admission System (Slate)/My browser freezes when I’m on Slate/Technical issues with Slate.
Please contact IT Service Desk:

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