Thesis Submission


As of March 1st, 2021, all Master's students must use the myThesis platform to submit their initial thesis: Master's submission guidelines

Further information on Thesis Guidelines can be found at:

Final corrected thesis is to be submitted electronically (e-thesis), further information can be found at: 

Further information on Graduation (three times a year; February, May/June and October) and Convocation ceremonies (held twice a year; May/June and October/November), can be found at:

Ph.D. (until April 30th, midnight*), the following instructions must be followed:

How do I go about submitting my thesis?

Once the final version of your initial thesis is complete in accordance with McGill rules:

  1. In conjunction with your supervisor, obtain the consent to review your thesis from all required Examiners (External and Internal for PhD). For a guide on how to choose and contact External examiners, your supervisor can refer to this publication (PDF).
  2. Complete the Nomination of Examiners Form (located at the bottom of the Forms page).
  3. Send us an email (experimental.medicine [at] (subject: Initial%20Thesis%20Submission) ) with the full copy of the electronic thesis attached and the Nomination of Examiners form duly completed and signed by you and your supervisor(s). The Initial Thesis Submission must be approved and signed by the Graduate Program Director before it is submitted to the University.
  4. The signed form will be sent back to you within 1-5 working days of receipt of the e-mail. Please take this time delay into account to ensure you can proceed with the Initial Thesis Submission to the University on time afterwards.
  5. Follow Initial Thesis Submission Guidelines.

*As of May 1st, 2021, all Doctoral students will have to use the myThesis platform to submit their initial thesis

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