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Positions - TBA

Application Deadline


How to Apply

Apply as an external using an email address other than your McGill account (i.e. Hotmail, Gmail, etc.) if you fall into the following categories:

  • Former employees (terminated in Workday) Example: you were a Course Lecturer in Fall 2020 but since then have not been employed by McGill
  • McGill students (who currently do not have an active position/job in Workday)

Apply as an internal using your McGill email address if you are currently active as a McGill employee (in Workday) at the time of your application.

  • Examples: Adjunct Professor, Affiliate Member, etc.

If you are a current active employee, follow the steps below to apply (please do not apply by creating a new profile for yourself):

  1. Log on the VPN prior to signing onto your Workday account
  2. Once this is done, connect to Workday
  3. At the top left-hand side there is a McGill crest and a search engine, search for the course you want to apply for.
  4. Click on “Internal: course name
  5. Click “Apply”

Priority Points

Current list of priority points - Department of Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Occupational Health



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