Pediatric Otolaryngology Research

Site: Montreal Children's Hospital

Supervisors: Dr. S. J. Daniel, Dr. J. Manoukian, Dr. L. Nguyen, Dr. M. D. Schloss, Dr. T. Tewfik

Tel.: 514-412-4304
Fax: 514-934-4342

Responsibilities of the resident:

Prior to the start date of research project, the resident must:

  • choose a research project with the supervisor (clinical and/or basic science research);
  • choose co-supervisors from other departments that will be involved;
  • do literature review to ensure that project is relevant and original;
  • estimate the cost of the project;
  • provide grant proposal and/or request financial support from the OTL Department;
  • choose the location of work and verify the availability of facilities (animal lab, research lab, clinic, OR, etc.);
  • verify and ensure the availability of supervision and/or assistance during research work (coordination of departments involved);
  • think of potential research pitfalls in advance;
  • consider that this research project can be part of a master's degree in Otolaryngology and discuss this with the supervisor.
  • verify that the study can be undertaken and completed in the allocated time period;
  • do a trial run of the research project (when possible);
  • write and submit a research proposal to the hospital's research institute;
  • write and submit a research proposal to the hospital's ethics committee;
  • if applicable, get approval from the animal protection committee as well as the infectious diseases committee;
  • ensure that an epidemiologist and/or biostatistician is involved.

During the research project, the resident must:

  • collect all data and perform data analysis with the biostatistics department;
  • review work and pitfalls with research supervisor and co-supervisor;
  • write up a manuscript;
  • write up and article to be published in an OTL or international journal.

Upon termination of the research project, the resident must:

  • present the research project at a national or international meeting.
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