McGill Otolaryngology Sciences Laboratory

Research Lab: McGill Otolaryngology Sciences Laboratory

Site: Montreal Children's Hospital

Director: Dr. Sam J. Daniel

Formerly known as McGill Auditory Sciences Laboratory, our lab focuses on using well-established animal models to produce quantitative studies on clinical problems. This research unit is equipped with the latest research technology in Laser Doppler Vibrometry, ABR, and OAE measurements. Our facilities at the Glen Animal Resources Division include a sound-proof room, two animal operating rooms, a well-equipped wet lab, and four state of the art drilling stations with video recording capacity.

In addition, we also collaborate with Dr. W. Robert J. Funnell on developing numerical computer models (both animal and clinical models).

For a visit to the laboratory or inquiry about projects please contact: Dr. Sam J. Daniel or Orhun Kose (orhun.kose [at]

Current areas of research include:

  •     Diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss
  •     Treatment of airway diseases
  •     Diagnosis and treatment of salivary gland disorders
  •     Botulinum toxin usage
  •     Other OTL-related clinical research
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