Otology & Neurotology Research

Location: SMBD — Jewish General Hospital

Supervisors: Dr. Jamie Rappaport and Dr. Tamara Mijovic

Opportunities are available for basic science and/or clinical Neurotology research.  Close collaboration with the Audiology Department offers many resources including computerized systems for audiometry, auditory brainstem responses (ABR), and distortion product oto-acoustic emission (DPOAE) measurements.  Vestibular evaluation is available with ocular and cervical vestibular-evoked myogenic potential (VEMP) testing, as well as, computerized electronystagmography (ENG) laboratory.

The Jewish General Hospital is a major center for acoustic neuroma management in Quebec.  Drs. Jamie Rappaport and Tamara Mijovic collaborate with Dr. Sal DiMaio from Neurosurgery for treatment of these and other skull base pathologies.  Previous projects have examined hearing preservation and vestibular findings in this patient population.  Our current research efforts focus on mechanisms of vestibular compensation.

Dr. Rappaport has a busy clinical practice in Otology, with a major focus on stapes surgery to treat Otosclerosis.  Other potential areas of interest include sudden sensorineural hearing loss, noise-induced hearing loss, tinnitus, chronic ear disease, and vestibular rehabilitation (in collaboration with the Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital in Laval, QC).

Location: Royal Victoria Hospital

Supervisors: Dr. Tamara Mijovic and Dr. Anthony Zeitouni

The vestibular laboratory, located at the Royal Victoria Hospital, is both a clinical and a research facility under the directorship of Dr. Mijovic.  State of the art technology is available for the assessment of the vestibular systems.  The research initiatives are in collaboration with the McGill departments of Biomedical Engineering and Physiology (See Vestibular lab section for details).

Location: McGill University - Mendelsohn Temporal Bone Laboratory

Supervisors: Dr. Tamara Mijovic and Dr. Melanie Duval

The Temporal Bone laboratory located at the Strathcona Anatomy Building on the McGill University campus is a surgical training facility for otologic procedures simulated on cadaveric specimens.  The laboratory can support research in anatomy of the ear and medical education.

Location: Montreal Neurological Hospital

Supervisors: Dr. Anthony Zeitouni and Dr. Marc Tewfik

The Montreal Neurological Hospital is a designated Supraregional Center for Skull Base Surgery including acoustic neuromas and pituitary tumors.  Through clinical and research collaborations over several decades with established labs and researchers a number of research opportunities exist in imaging, surgical education, patient reported outcomes, cognitive issues related to hearing loss and survivorship in skull base surgery patients.

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