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Cultural Studies Option

NB:      Students in an English program who wish to take an introductory Shakespeare course must take ENGL 315 and not ENGL 215.  If you took ENGL 215 prior to declaring your English program on Minerva, however, that course may count retroactively towards your program requirements in one of:  Major Figure; Cultural Studies with an Historical Dimension.

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Major Figure in Cultural Studies                                                      

ENGL 315     -  Shakespeare (Protean Shakespeare)  (Fall)

ENGL 316     Milton  (Fall)

ENGL 329     -  English Novel: 19th Century 1 (Charlotte Brontë)  (Winter)

ENGL 358     -  Chaucer: Troilus and Criseyde  (Fall)

ENGL 381     -  A Film-Maker 1 (Fassbinder)  (Winter)

ENGL 383     -  Studies in Communications 1 (The Kennedys)  (Fall)

ENGL 391     -  Special Topics: Cultural Studies 1 (Hitchcock)  (Fall)

ENGL 414     -  Studies in 20th C. Literature 1 (H.D.)  (Fall)

ENGL 422     -  Studies in 19th C. American Literature (Herman Melville)  (Winter)

ENGL 481     -  A Film-Maker 2 (Guy Madden)  (Fall)

ENGL 503     -  18th-Century Literature (Jane Austen)  (Winter)

ENGL 516     -  Shakespeare (Making Publics in Early Modern England)  (Fall)


Cultural Studies with a Canadian Component

ENGL 313     -  Canadian Drama and Theatre  (Winter)

ENGL 378     Media and Culture (Media Ethics)  (Fall)

ENGL 440     -  First Nations and Inuit Literature and Media   (Winter)

ENGL 441     Special Topics in Canadian Cultural Studies  (Winter)

ENGL 481     A Film-Maker 2 (Guy Madden)  (Fall)


Theory and Criticism

ENGL 318     -  Theory of English Studies 3   (Fall)

ENGL 319     -  Theory of English Studies 2   (Winter)

ENGL 346     -  Sociology and Materiality of Text  (Winter)


Cultural Studies with an Historical Dimension 

ENGL 351     -  Studies in the History of Film 2 (1930's U.S. Cinema)  (Winter)

ENGL 354     Sexuality and Representation (Queer Screens)  (Fall)

ENGL 366     -  Film Genre (Horror)  (Winter)

ENGL 374     Film Movement or Period  (Winter)

ENGL 383     -  Studies in Communications 1 (The Kennedys) (Fall)

ENGL 388     -  Studies in Popular Culture (From the Reality of the Angry Young Men to Reality TV) (Winter)

ENGL 389     -  Studies in Popular Culture 2 (Shakespeare on Film)  (Fall)

ENGL 391     - Spec. Top: Cultural Studies 1 (Hitchcock)  (Fall)

ENGL 441     -  Special Topics in Canadian Cultural Studies  (Winter)

ENGL 467     Advanced Studies in Theatre History 3 (The Actress)  (Winter)


Cultural Studies 400-level with Theoretical Component

ENGL 481     -  A Filmmaker 2 (Guy Madden)  (Fall)

ENGL 483     -  Seminar in the Film  (Winter)

ENGL 488     -  Sp. Top/Communications & Mass Media 2 (Contemporary Theories of the Spectator)  (Winter)

ENGL 490     -  Culture and Critical Theory 2 (The Silent Figure in Literature and Film)  (Fall)

ENGL 492     -  Image and Text (Graphic Novel)  (Winter)


Additional Courses from the Cultural Studies Option’s Offerings

  • This category includes all the courses listed above except required courses, as well as the courses listed below.
  • Note that any English course not on this list—such as unlisted courses in Literature—may not count towards your Cultural Studies program.


ENGL 540     -  Literary Theory 1  (Winter)

ENGL 587     -  Theoretical Approaches to Cultural Studies (Winter)                          

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