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Undergraduate Studies The Department of English offers a dynamic undergraduate program encompassing three streams: literature, drama and theatre, and cultural studies. With a flexible curriculum, students can tailor their education through diverse major and minor options.

The department's commitment to academic excellence extends to research opportunities, empowering students to explore their literary interests both inside and outside the classroom. Beyond scholarly pursuits, an English degree from McGill holds real-world relevance, cultivating critical thinking, effective communication, and analytical skills. Graduates emerge not only well-versed in cultural and critical theory but also equipped with the versatile tools essential for success in an array of professional fields.


The Department of English offers Major and Minor Concentrations as well as Honours and Joint Honours Programs.


The Department offers a wide array of courses across diverse genres and theoretical perspectives, from literatures in English to contemporary film and experimental performance. Historical and geographical breadth is complemented by coursework in theory, criticism, and cultural studies.


The Department of English offers a wide range of courses on literature, cultural studies, as well as drama and theatre. These streams are integrally related, and students are encouraged to do work in all three.


Professors and academic advisors are here to help guide students along every step of their academic journey. From the time students declare their major until graduation, the Department of English is ready to support them in meeting their academic and professional goals.


The Department of English has several unique policies applicable to students in all programs of study. Students are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with these policies to best prepare for success in their studies.




Undergraduate students are immersed in a vibrant academic community with a wide variety of research opportunities. The Department offers structured research programs that empower students to explore the diverse field of English under the guidance of faculty members. Beyond their coursework, students have the autonomy to pursue and share independent research, fostering creativity and intellectual curiosity. The Arts Internship Office further enhances the experiential learning journey, connecting students with real-world applications of their studies both in Canada and abroad.

Department of English Undergraduate Association (DESA) 

DESA is an elected student organization in the Department that represents every student in English. As a social, cultural, political, and educational organization for students, DESA performs the functions of student government and representation at the departmental level.

From peer advising to planning social events, DESA provides opportunities for extracurricular enrichment throughout the school-year.

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