This version of the McGill Department of English, Undergraduate Studies site is deprecated but has been preserved for archival reasons. The information on this site is not up to date and should not be consulted. Students, faculty, and staff should consult the new site using the link below.

2015-16 Courses

Please note that each course has an ENGL designation, which identifies an English Department course, and a three digit number. The first digit of this course number describes the general level of the course, as follows:

2 - U1

3 - U2

4 - U3

5 - graduate and U3

Students normally take courses appropriate to their year provided pre-requisites, where they exist, are met. That is, U1 students would take 200-level courses. (Some 200-level courses are open to U0 students as well, for 2015-16 academic year these are: ENGL 215, 225, 228, 230, and 297). More information and advice for U0 students can be found here:

English Majors, Minors, and Honours students may select courses at any level within reason with the advice of instructors and advisors.   U1 students are discouraged from enrolling in 400-level courses. 

In program students — that is, Majors, Minors or Honours students in English — should normally restrict themselves to the 200-level courses that are required for their programme of study, as follows:

Cultural Studies major/minor/honours: ENGL 275 and ENGL 277

Drama and Theatre major/minor/honours: ENGL 230 (and for Majors and Honours students only -  ENGL 269)

Literature major/minor/honours: ENGL 202 and ENGL 203

Policy on Minimum Course Enrolment

The issue of a minimum course enrolment is currently under discussion in the Department of English. In the interim, undergraduate courses with an enrolment of fewer than 10 students, 500 level courses with an enrolment of fewer than 7 students, and graduate courses with an enrolment of fewer than 4 students, will not be given unless warranted by special circumstances.


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