Using EMF Scanners


Check the power light on the scanner, it should be “ON” before proceeding. Go to “START” – Devices and Printers.


Double-click on the scanner icon (name may vary). The “New Scan” window will appear.


Set file type to JPG. Set resolution to:

  • 150 (scan time shorter, smaller data file, moderate quality);
  • 200 (default setting);
  • 300 (scan time longer, larger data file, high quality).

Do a preview. On the preview window, you can adjust the dashed line box around the image to crop scan area.


Click “Scan” in the “New Scan” window. Enter “new scanned document” tag name (example).


To finish, click “Import”. The folder containing your scanned image with appear.


Note: In the tag window, you can click on the “Import settings” box to:

  • change output directory by clicking the “Browse” button and selecting a new location;
  • change folder name by adjusting the “Folder name:” format;
  • Warning: If any settings are changed, scanning has to be restarted.


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