EMF Policy

Use of the EMF is governed by the Policy on the Responsible use of McGill Information Technology Resources, the Engineering BluePrint, and the following local policies:

• Facilities are intended for the use of Engineering and Architecture undergraduate students, and Urban Planning students. Engineering and Architecture graduates or undergraduate students from other faculties (taking an engineering course) are eligible to have an account provided they pay an engineering computing fee ($90.00/semester).

• Accounts are for individual use, and are not to be shared. If an account is used in an abusive or inappropriate manner, the account holder will be held responsible.

• Valid McGill ID must be presented for any transaction regarding your account (i.e.; adding funds to your account, plotting jobs, or account inquiries). Under no circumstance will a transaction be performed on another user's account.

• Respect the privacy and confidentiality of your own and other students email, files, data, and transmissions.

• Do not copy or misuse copyrighted material. Assume that all materials (including software) are copyrighted unless a disclaimer or waiver is explicitly provided. If you do not abide by copyright laws, you may be subject to criminal prosecution.

• Labs are intended for educational purposes only. Unauthorized commercial activity and inappropriate use of computers (e.g.; gaming or pornographic sites) is strictly prohibited.

• Food and drink is not permitted in any of the labs, at any time. Violations are recorded and repeated violations can result in loss of EMF privileges.

• Books and manuals that belong to EMF are not to be removed from the premises.

• EMF reserves the right to change the software and hardware available at any time and without notice.

• Users who leave their workstations unattended for longer than 10 minutes will be automatically logged out.

• Radio and cell phone use is not permitted in the labs.

Violation of these policies may lead to the suspension of your account and can be prosecuted in conformity with University Policy.

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