Recovering/restoring files on your EMF home directory (H:)

The instuctions found below may be downloaded via the following pdf file: How to recover/restore files on your EMF home directory (H:) [.pdf]

Please follow the steps below to retrieve your file:

Note: Your files cannot be restored from the Recycle Bin since they are stored on a network volume (not on the local workstation). Shadow copy is enabled allowing you to retrieve a copy of a file (from a snapshot). Snapshots are copies of your files at intervals throughout the day. Limited snapshots are available due to space limitations.

While logged into an EMF workstation:

  • From the Desktop, launch Windows Explorer and locate your H:\drive.
  • Select the Desktop folder.


  • Right-click and select Properties.
  • Click on Previous Versions tab.
  • Select the version best suited for you to recover.
  • Click on View --> Retrieve the file by copying (do not restore the file, as an existing version could be overwritten) to a desired location. Ensure that you have enough space available on your H:\ drive.

It is important that this be done at the earliest, as there are a limited number of versions saved..

Additional info to consider:

  • If a file was created and deleted in the same day, it may not be available to recover.
  • EMF can only provide support for files on the EMF network, i.e. not for those on the P:\ drive or USB key.
  • If the file is not available from previous versions*, please see one of the EMF consultants in the d'Ombrain Lab located in Room G-15 of the Macdonald Harrington Building (MDHG15). Please provide the following:
    • Your McGill ID card.
    • The name of the file.
    • The location of the file (i.e. folder, subfolder(s), etc.).
    • The time/date/hour the file was deleted.

*Some fees may apply to restore EMF files from backup tapes.

If any additional help is needed, please see one of the EMF consultants in MDHG15.

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