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Students should refer to the Program Overview and the Program Checklist corresponding to their program.


Students should be familiar with the departmental guidelines.

Guidelines for students registered in Fall 2020 and earlier.

Guidelines for student registered in Fall 2021 and later.


Frequently Asked Questions

Newly Admitted Students- Required Documents

Proof of Citizenship: Incoming students must submit to Service Point all documents to confirm their citizenship. Failure to do this will result in your account being charged international student fees by default: www.mcgill.ca/legaldocuments/.

Official Transcripts and Proof of Graduation: Incoming students are required to submit to Enrollment Services official transcripts. Students must ensure that their transcripts read that the degree has been completed (this is considered proof of graduation). If the transcript does not state that the degree has been conferred, students must submit a diploma. A degree completed within Quebec should send internally/electronically. If the degree has been completed outside of Quebec, students can send their sealed envelope to Enrollment Services (address listed in the offer letter). If the said university does not provide an English transcript, a translated and notarized transcript should be provided to the university.

Academic Tutorial: All incoming students must complete the Academic Tutorial (Minerva- Student Tab-Academic Tutorial). Failure to complete this will result in a hold put on the student’s account.

Tuition, Student Accounts, Loans and Bursaries

For information on tuition costs and how to pay your account, please see Student Accounts and Service Point (MATL students are charged per-credit).

You can get more information on loans and bursaries at Scholarships and Student Aid (Program Code 10000 and department Code 18000).

Full-Time Vs Part-Time Status

To be considered Full-time, students must be registered for 12 credits per semester. Part-Time status is 9 credits or less per semester.


How to look up class schedules and find CRNs for  courses:

  • Minerva
  • STUDENT>  Registration Menu>  Search Class Schedule
  • Select term from the dropdown (e.g. Fall 2015).
  • In the SUBJECT area choose the 4 letters in the course name (e.g. EDTL). Scroll to the bottom and click ‘Get Course Sections’.
  • You can now look for your course number and you can see the CRN# for each section offered.

How to add/drop a course:

  • Under the Student menu, choose “registration” and then the “Quick Add” menu
  • Enter all your CRNs on the same worksheet, and click “submit"

Tips for Selecting Elective Courses

Electives must be either Education or Concentration related. Students must send the course number, title and description to michael.lariviere [at] mcgill.ca (subject: Elective%20Approval) for departmental approval (NB- TESL and Science and Technology students do not have elective credits to complete. Students in the Mathematics concentration must complete 3 elective credits. Students who were conditionally accepted with the requirement to complete additional courses may use these courses as electives provided that they are at a graduate level 500, 600 or 700 level. Please refer to your offer letter for your conditions).

1. Students may look within McGill for electives (Graduate courses are 500 level or higher)

  • Minerva> STUDENT> Registration Menu>  Step 2: Search Class Schedule (Select your Term from the dropdown menu (e.g. Winter 2016))
  • In the SUBJECT area choose the four letters in the course name (e.g. EDEC, EDPI, EDPE, EDEM, EDER, etc). Scroll down to the bottom and click ‘Get Course Sections’.

Alternately you can search by FACULTY for a complete list:

For 500 level courses:

  • Search Faculty of Education for Education courses.
  • For subject area courses choose the appropriate faculty i.e. Faculty of Arts for ENGL courses.

*For all 600 level courses and higher you must search under Graduate Studies

2. Students may look at other inter-Quebec universities via CREPUQ.

Once departmental approval has been obtained, students can create a request in CREPUQ to take a course at the host institute (i.e. Concordia).  Please note that it is always best to submit your request 3 months ahead of time to allow for processing.

3. Students may look at Graduate Exchange Agreement (Inter Canada)

UBC and U of Toronto have an agreement with McGill where students may also take their courses (similar to CREPUQ). You may be charged additional fees as this is out of province. Students interested in this option should email michael.lariviere [at] mcgill.ca to obtain the appropriate form to complete. Please note that it is always best to submit your request 3 months ahead of time to allow for processing.

Conditions of Admissions

Students admitted with conditions of admissions must successfully complete these in order to complete program requirements and graduate.  Students can view this in their offer letter. If stated that they must be taken at the undergrad level, students must follow Graduate and Postgraduate Studies policy and obtain a grade B- or higher (if taken at the graduate level, a grade of B- or higher must also be obtained). These courses will be counted towards the student's CGPA in the program and the student will have to pay additional fees (above the 60 credits in the MATL). Students must send the course number, title and description for approval to matl.education [at] mcgill.ca (subject: Conditions%20of%20Admissions%20Request) . It is the student’s responsibility to find courses to satisfy their condition of admissions and to complete them during the program.

Unofficial Transcript

Students can view their unofficial transcript in Minerva> STUDENT> Student Records Menu> View Your Unofficial Transcript

Graduation and Convocation

Students who have completed all program requirements must apply to graduate through Minerva.

Students in Thesis programs are not required to apply for graduation. They are added to the Graduation List automatically upon submission of their thesis to the GPS - Thesis Office.

You can visit the Convocation website for more information on the ceremony.






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