Emergency Services

The Emergency Clinic is open during the school year from September to May. Please call our emergency line at 514-398-5189 if you have a dental emergency.

Space is limited and patients will be seen in order of priority as follows:

PRIORITY #1: Acute pain, swelling, bleeding or a recent injury

PRIORITY #2: Continuous “intense or moderate” pain in jaw, mouth or teeth

PRIORITY #3: Intermittent pain or esthetic problem


Please note that:

  • If you have swelling expending over an eye or in the neck, or if you are experiencing severe bleeding or just had an accident, you should call the Montreal General Hospital Dental Clinic at 514-934-8063 or the Jewish General Hospital Dental Clinic at 514-340-8222, ext 7910.
  • Patients younger than 18 years of age, will be treated at the Montreal Children’s Hospital Dental Clinic, located at 1040 Atwater Avenue, Telephone: 514-412-4479.
  • We do not repair broken dentures.
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