We provide comprehensive care to all of our patients. Our treatments include:

  • deep cleaning (debridement)
  • gum surgery and grafts
  • fillings
  • crowns and bridges 
  • partials and complete dentures
  • root canal treatments
  • implant treatment, limited to the following two situations:
       - 2 adjacent implants for 2 adjacent posterior missing teeth (as long as occlusal stability is ensured)
       - An implant supported complete denture for the lower jaw
  • Simple orthodontic treatments


Orthodontics Clinic

We accepts simple cases for minor bite corrections. For information and a screening appointment, call (514) 398-5189.

* Patients applying for the Orthodontics Clinic do not need to fill in an application form.


For wisdom teeth (3rd molar) extractions, contact the Oral Surgery Clinic at the Montreal General Hospital at 514-934-8063.

Patients who require only a simple cleaning should contact a dental hygiene teaching program. 

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