Pick Your Path: Dentistry


Pick Your Path! has the same mission of IMPRESS, which is to pique the interest of Indigenous students in education by offering an opportunity that gives exposure to various areas of study. Pick Your Path! (PYP) is an online learning experience for Indigenous summer students between the ages of 16-25. We will be providing students the opportunity to have a paid professional development and education experience from a distance. PYP students will meet weekly with an Indigenous post-secondary student mentor, with the program coordinator, and in a group setting. Additionally, students will attend online workshops and seminars led by Indigenous and non-Indigenous professionals and professors.


This session of the Pick Your Path program is for Indigenous students interested in the field of dentistry. The workshop will be lead by the McGill Dental Inclusion Program (MDIP) team, who will share their experience and some words of advice.


To register:

  • Contact the mcgilldentalinclusionprogram [at] gmail.com (MDIP email)
  • Or the workshop organizer, mayela.lozanoalanis [at] mail.mcgill.ca (Mayela Alanis)

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