Researcher Develops 3D Tissue from Eggs

Dr. Tran’s research on 3D tissue engineering supported by Egg Farmers Canada.

 Dr. Simon Tran - McGill University 's Faculty of Dentistry Professor - has recently received a $14,000 grant from September 2020 to September 2022 funded by Egg Farmers of Canada for his research on Egg white-alginate based biomaterial for 3D tissue engineering.  

The research's objective is to characterize the use of egg white alginate as a novel scaffold to grow several different organoids including salivary glands. Egg white alginate is an inexpensive, easily accessible, and promising alternative to gold standard scaffolds. 

Egg Farmers Canada’s Research Grant Program actively supports thirty-five research projects in a variety of fields at universities across Canada. Each research project is linked to at least one of Egg Farmers of Canada’s research priorities. 

Dr Tran is Canada’s Research Chair in Craniofacial Stem Cells and Tissue Engineering. The aim of this laboratory is to identify, isolate, and characterize post-natal stem cells of the craniofacial complex (such as salivary and periodontal stem cells). In addition to providing a new understanding of tissue dynamics in health and disease, the Tran’s laboratory presents unique possibilities for the emerging field of regenerative medicine.

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