Dr. Komarova Appointed Interim Associate Dean & Receives Canadian Space Agency Grant

Dr. Svetlana Komarova, Associate Professor in the Faculty of Dentistry, has been appointed as Interim Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Dental Education during Dr. Faleh Tamimi's leave. In this role, she will support the Faculty’s research mission by invigorating and maintaining the Faculty’s excellence in research and graduate training. Dr. Komarova obtained her PhD in biophysics in 1996 and completed postdoctoral training at NASA Aimes Research Center, University of Cincinnati and University of Western Ontario. Since 2004 she is a faculty member at the McGill Faculty of Dentistry, where she works on diverse research problems relevant to mineralized tissues.

Today, Dr. Komarova is among top researchers pushing the boundaries of health sciences and bone health, specifically. Her research project on bone health in altered gravity is among the Canadian Space Agency's eight recently funded new scientific investigations to help mitigate health risks for future space travellers. Through her work, "Studying bone loss associated with skeletal muscle changes and fluid shift in astronauts," Dr. Komarova will not only help better our understanding of the effects of altered gravity on bone health, but equally help improve the wellbeing of people on Earth.

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