Participate in our focus groups

As part of our ongoing research, we will be conducting focus group discussions with regard to experiences and perceptions of sexual violence on campus. These discussions will take place in January and February 2018.

We will have two types of focus groups:

- Survey follow up. In this focus group, participants will be provided with some of the preliminary findings from the Climate Survey. Participants will be asked to discuss these findings and explore topics that could not be thoroughly addressed in an online survey format.

- Discussion of case studies. In this focus group, participants will be provided with case studies of sexual violence. Participants will be asked to share their views on case and the actions taken by the people involved (survivor, people, friends/family, support people, investigators, etc.).

If you are interested in participating in the focus groups, please provide us with your email address and indicate which focus group you would be interested in discussing. We will contact you when the focus groups have been scheduled. We will also send you an information and consent form for you to review and complete a few days before the focus group.

Please note:

· If you completed one of the climate surveys, please note that the information you provided in that survey cannot be linked to the information you provide in the webform below.

· During the focus group you will be encouraged to use a pseudonym rather than provide your real name.


We will provide a small hourly fee to compensate you for your time for participating in the focus group. 

Thank you,

IMPACTS Research Team