Chloe Garcia

Chloe Garcia
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Chloe Krystyna Garcia

PhD Candidate | Senior research-assistant | PhD lead in the Student Mentorship Committee

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chloe.garcia [at]
Research Assistants
McGill University - Faculty of Education

I am a fifth year PhD candidate in the department of Integrated Studies in Education at McGill. My research intersects sexual consent and rape culture, sexualities education, and media and digital literacies. My research investigates how participatory cultures on YouTube contribute to sexual consent discourses, and I explore how the analysis and production of youth-produced YouTube videos contribute to undergraduate students’ understandings of sexual consent and their agency to effect personal and social change.


I thoroughly enjoy working on the IMPACTS project. To date, my contribution to the project are described below. The names I add are the RAs with whom I collaborated closely.

-Developed the four campus climate surveys for students and faculty (with Ayesha Vemuri, and the assistance of Alastair Hibberd, Emil Briones, Emilie Marcotte; and with the feedback from various stakeholders)

-Coordinated the implementation of the surveys (with Ayesha Vemuri)

-Completed the Master Ethics application for the IMPACTS project (with Ayesha Vemuri)

-Developed the content for focus groups with students (with Ayesha Vemuri, Emil Briones; and with the feedback from various stakeholders)

-Assisted with teaching the social justice curriculum in the Faculty of Dentistry, a project spearheaded by Emil Briones

-Supported research-assistants across the project as PhD mentor

-Coordinated RA tasks in the larger projects, including communications regarding surveys, report writing, etc.


On a personal note, I like to get involved in the community! I participate in various ways

-Member of the Implementation Committee at McGill

-Collaborator of the Ad Hoc Committee at McGill

-Sexual health educator: I offer course specific content related to teaching sexual health in Quebec in the Faculty of Education (available to teach in the Montreal community as well)

-Education Graduates’ Student Society: I was a Communications officer, Co-President, and DISE rep from 2013 to 2016.




Garcia, C. K., Carter, M.R., Nyariro, M., Ezcurra, M., Beavis, L., & Mitchell, C. (Accepted). There is a crack in everything; That’s how the light gets in:

Reflections on selected arts interventions used to bring awareness to sexual violence at McGill University (Montreal, QC). In Diane Crocker, Joanne Minaker, & Amanda Nelund, Rape Culture on Canadian University Campuses (forthcoming.

Garcia, C. K., & Vemuri, A. (2017). Theorizing “Rape Culture”: How law, policy, and education support and can help end sexual violence. Education and Law Journal, 27(1), p. 1-17.

Garcia, C. K., & Vemuri, A. (2017). Girls and young women resisting rape culture through YouTube videos. Girlhood Studies, 10, p. 26-44.

Garcia, C. (2015, October 19). Graduate and postdoctoral orientation week. The McGill Reporter. Retrieved from:

Garcia, C. (2014, November 27). The track to tenure track: A Provost’s advice. The McGill Reporter. Retrieved from: 

Garcia, C. K. (2015). Sexual health education in Quebec schools: A critique and call for change. Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality, 24(3), p. 197-204. DOI: 

Garcia, C. K. (2014). Book review/Critique de livre [Review of the book The Idea of Popular Schooling in Upper Canada: Print Culture, Public Discourse, and the Demand for Education]. McGill Journal of Education, 49(1), p.259-261.

Garcia, C. K. (2013). An examination of the potential of critical media literacy-based sex education programming for Quebec high schools. (Masters thesis). Retrieved from Spectrum, Concordia University. (977465)



  • Student Mentorship Award 2017
    • Awarded to recognize their contributions of one doctoral student and one master’s student in the department who have demonstrated excellence as mentors in education.
  • Fonds de recherche du Québec- Société et culture- 2016-2019
    • Provincial doctoral scholarship for research in education
  • Community Engagement Award (February 2016)
    • Awarded by the department of Integrated Studies in Education at McGill for innovative work that has a strong commitment to social justice and that reaches and involves communities.
  • Graduate Travel Award (April 2015, January 2016)
    • Offered by the department of Integrated Studies in Education at McGill for dissemination of research.
  • Graduate Excellence Award (April 2015, Sept 2015)
    • Offered by the department of Integrated Studies in Education at McGill for academic accomplishments.
  • Graduate Research Mobility Award (September 2014,  April 2015)
    • Offered by the department of Integrated Studies in Education at McGill for research and professional development.


Guest Speaking/Interviews:

  • Article Interview, by Billy Eff, Vice Quebec.
  • Podcast Interview, “Taking it all off”, ep. 5 on “Sexual Violence: Awareness and Prevention” (McGill University and CKUT)
  • #MeToo Movement Panel for the Women In Leadership at McGill (November 2017, McGill University)
  • Sexualities Education in the High School Science Classroom (April 2017, Nov 2017, McGill University)
  • Sexualities Education in the Kindergarten Classroom (March 2017, McGill University)
  • Sexualities Education in Schools: The Neverending debates (February 2017, Dawson College)
  • Defining the Lines on Sexting and Cyberbullying for 3 Generations (February 2017, McGill University)
  • Sexualities Education in the Elementary Science Classroom (December 2016, McGill University)
  • Television Interview, Rape Culture Panel (November 2016, MaTV)
  • Article Interview, « Faire évoluer les mentalités » by Lisa Lasselin (Quartier Libre, 19th of October 2016)
  • Consent Education (May 2016, Centennial College)
  • Sexualities Education: Teaching through media (April 2016, McGill University)
  • Sexualities Education: Teaching in the ERC classroom (February 2016, McGill University)
  • What I Wish I Knew When I Started Graduate School (January 2016, McGill University)
  • A Roundtable on Adolescent Sexual Health (Nov 2015, McGill University)
  • Elevator Pitch (October 2015, McGill University, Goodman Cancer Research Center)
  • Elevator Pitch (Sept 2015, McGill University, Biological and Biomedical Engineering Symposium)
  • What I Wish I Knew When I Started Graduate School (Sept 2015, McGill University)
  • Managing Your Supervisor (3 sessions, April 2015 to February 2016, McGill University)
  • Sexualities Education in Quebec (Fall 2014 and 2015, McGill University)


Conference presentations

Garcia, C. (2017). Young Women’s Perspectives of vlogging as a tool to teach and learn about sexual consent. CSSE, Congress. Toronto, ON.

Shariff, S., Garcia, C., & Courtemanche, F. (2017). Shariff et al. : Un partenariat du CRSH visant les politiques universitaires et les interventions pédagogiques en lien avec la violence sexuelle. Femmes, Violences, Politiques et Résistances. Université Féministe d’Été at UQAL.

Garcia, C, Briones, E. & Vemuri, A. (2017). Sex Education. Outside the Box: Educating to Change. Concordia University.

Garcia, C., Hibberd, A., Vemuri, A., Briones, E., & Dietzel, C. (2017). Rape Culture, Researchers and Reflexivity: Reflections by Emerging Scholars Researching Sexual Violence. Provoking Curriculum: Curriculum Encounters. McGill University.

Garcia, C. (2016). Presentation of the Student Mentorship Committee and Student Research. SSHRC Partnership Grant Annual Meeting. Montreal, QC.

Garcia, C. (2016). Rape culture, girls and vlogging: How are young female vloggers shifting the disourse around sexual consent? AskFirst: A Symposium on Creating a Culture of Consent. University of Calgary.

Garcia, C. (2016). Using YouTube to teach about sexual consent: Opportunities for discovery, discord, and discourse. Moving Forward: Identities, Sexting, Schooled Bodies, and the Curriculum that Frames us. Western University.

Garcia, C. (2016). Unpacking Laci Green's video "wanna have sex? (consent 101)": a framework to teach sexual consent through media education. 60th Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society (CIES).Vancouver, BC.

Garcia, C. (2015). Voices in digital spaces: Sexuality blogs and their potential for sex education. Rosa Bruno-Jofre Symposium. Queen’s University.

Garcia, C. (2015). Let’s talk about sex (and blogs)”: New spaces, new curriculum?. Provoking Curriculum. University of British Columbia.

Garcia, C. & Zaver, A. (2015). Finding the ‘write’ balance: Our journey towards becoming seriously creative. Provoking Curriculum. University of British Columbia.

Garcia, C. (2014). Sex education in Quebec: Hearing educators’ concerns. EGSS 13th Annual Conference: ‘Theory and Practice: A Symbiotic Relationship’. McGill University.

Garcia, C. (2014). Critical media literacy-based sex education programs: Using media education as a tool for teaching about sexual health. Curriculum Theory Graduate Collaborative Conference. Louisiana State University.

Garcia, C. (2013). Sex education in Quebec: The approach versus the reality. GSDE Conference: ‘Making the Connection: Theory, Research, and Practice’. Concordia University.

Garcia, C. (2012). Selling sex: The influence of the media on youth. GSDE Conference: ‘Global Education: Towards New Frontiers’. Concordia University.


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