Ad-Hoc panel at McGill to conduct campus study of sexual violence


Published: 22Sep2017

Following the adoption of the Policy Against Sexual Violence, the Provost of McGill University, Christopher Manfredi, struck an Ad Hoc Panel on April 1, 2017, to conduct an impartial and independent (from the Provost’s office) study of sexual violence in the McGill community. The Panel consists of students, staff, and faculty from McGill University, as well as an external advisor from Concordia. 

The Ad Hoc Panel was charged with investigating the following questions:

How do members of the McGill community perceive our campus climate, discourse and awareness in relation to sexual violence and safety?
In what contexts has sexual violence occurred at McGill University?
Where survivors have disclosed or reported incidents of sexual violence to a person holding authority at McGill, or have refrained from so doing, what factors underlay their decision?
What are the experiences of individuals who have disclosed or reported incidents of sexual violence to a person holding authority at McGill (e.g., disciplinary officer, counselor, Dean or other administrator)?
What is the University’s jurisdiction over incidents involving Members of the University community that occur off campus?
How does the Policy against Sexual Violence harmonize with other University policies and procedures and where might a lack of harmonization require policy amendment?

To conduct the study, the Ad Hoc Panel will use a combination of online surveys, interviews, and focus groups to develop a better understand of how sexual violence occurs and is addressed at McGill. The study will begin in October 2017 and end in February 2018. A final report will be written and submitted to the Provost by March 31st, 2018.\

[more information: McGill Office for Sexual Violence Response, Support and Education]

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