Archive 2009-2010


Speaker and topic

June 15 2010

Special Day, Time, and Location
Dr. Yu-Tian Wang
Brain Research Centre
University of British Columbia
Role of nuclear PTEN translocation in mediating excitatory/ischemic neurotoxicity
MGH, L6-500

June 14 2010

Special Day, Time, and Location
Dr. Anirvan Ghosh
Neurobiology Section, Division of Biology
University of California San Diego
On the emergence of synaptic specificity in developing neural circuits
MGH, L6-500

Wednesday May 26 2010 Dr. Cecilia Flores
Department of Psychiatry, McGill University
Douglas Mental Health University Institute
Netrin-1 receptor deficient mice: A phenotype resistant to psychopathology?
Wednesday May 19 2010 Dr. Maurice Kernan
Department of Neurobiology & Center for Developmental Genetics
SUNY at Stony Brook
A flying TRP through the mechanical senses: ciliary mechanisms and mechanotransduction in Drosophila.
Wednesday May 12 2010 Dr. Marla Sokolowski
Department of Biology
University of Toronto at Mississauga
The foraging gene: Will that be to go?
Wednesday May 5 2010 Dr. Federica Montanaro
Department of Pediatrics Center in Gene Therapy
The Research Institute at Nationwide Children's Hospital, Columbus, OH
Dystrophin and cardiomyopathy.
Wednesday Apr. 28 2010 Dr. James Fawcett
Department of Pharmacology
Dalhousie University
Polarity proteins in the synapse.
Wednesday Apr. 21 2010 Dr. Lyanne Schlichter
Division of Genetics & Development
Toronto Western Research Institute
How do ion channels contribute to microglial activation?
Wednesday Mar. 31 2010 Dr. Kathleen Cullen
Department of Physiology
McGill University
How actions alter sensory processing: active sensation in the vestibular system.
Wednesday Mar. 24 2010 Dr. Robert Zatorre
Montreal Neurological Institute
Analysis of musical pitch: functional pathways and structural correlates.
Thursday Mar. 18 2010

Special Day and Time
Dr. Jesper Sjostrom
Department of Neuroscience, Physiology and Pharmacology
University College London
Synaptic plasticity in neocortical circuits
Wednesday Mar. 17 2010 Dr. Lin Mei
Department of Neurology
Medical College of Georgia
Synapse formation and plasticity: implications in muscular dystrophy and schizophrenia.
Wednesday Mar. 3 2010 Dr. Elva Diaz
Department of Pharmacology
University of California Davis
SynDIG1: A novel regulator of AMPA receptor synapse development.
Wednesday Feb. 17 2010 Dr. Katalin Toth
Centre de recherche Université Laval Robert-Giffard
Heterogenous synaptic vesicle populations in the hippocampal mossy fibre terminals.
Wednesday Feb. 3 2010 Dr. Amy Shaub Maddox
Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer
Université de Montréal
Asymmetry is an emergent property of the furrow in cytokinesis.
Wednesday Jan. 27 2010 Dr. Stephen Michnick
Department of Biochemistry
Université de Montréal
Perfect switches, surprises and quandaries in signal integration.
Wednesday Jan. 20 2010 Dr. Joe Culotti
Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute
A G-protein coupled receptor has a redundant function in axon guidance in C. elegans.
Wednesday Jan. 13 2010 Dr. Pierre Drapeau
Department of Pathology and Cell Biology
Université de Montréal
From ALS to zebrafish... and back: developmental plasticity and functional genomics of neurogenetic disorders.
Wednesday Dec. 16 2009 Dr. Miriam B. Goodman
Dept. of Molecular & Cellular Physiology
Stanford University School of Medicine
Deconstructing C. elegans touch sensation
Wednesday Dec. 9 2009 Dr. Kenichi Okamoto
Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute
Role of CaMKII beta in the structural plasticity of dendritic spines
Wednesday Nov. 25 2009 Dr. Arthur Brown
Robarts Research Institute
University of Western Ontario
Molecular and cellular strategies for spinal cord injury: parallel investigations converge
Wednesday Nov. 18 2009 Dr. Maiken Nedergaard
School of Medicine and Dentistry
University of Rochester
Astrocytes Alive!
Wednesday Nov. 11 2009 Dr. Julio Martinez-Trujillo
Dept. of Physiology
McGill University
Physiological mechanisms of visual attention: a systems neuroscience approach
Wednesday Nov. 4 2009 Rao Lab

CRN Research Update
Wednesday Oct. 28 2009 Dr. Paul Lasko
Dept. of Biology
McGill University
Post-transcriptional regulation of specific germ line mRNAs in Drosophila melanogaster
Wednesday Oct. 14 2009 Dr. Jean-Claude Beique
Dept. of Cellular & Molecular Medicine
University of Ottawa
Studying central synapses one at a time
Wednesday Oct. 7 2009 Murai Lab

CRN Research Update
Wednesday Sept. 30 2009 Dr. Robert Burgess
The Jackson Laboratory
Bar Harbor, Maine
DSCAMs in recognition and self-avoidance in the developing mouse retina