Andrea Corral Rodríguez

Andrea Corral Rodriguez

Andrea Corral Rodríguez is an immigrant from Guadalajara, Jalisco, México and a Tomlinson Scholar at the School of Social Work under the supervision of Régine Débrosse, Ph.D. Her doctoral research seeks to elucidate the lived experiences of immigrants with precarious status in Canada, with interests in trauma and resilience.

Prior to joining McGill University in the Fall of 2023, Andrea supported the Undocumented Student Program at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and had clinical experiences as a practicum student in various settings, such as private practice as well as a counseling center for students and an outpatient mental health clinic within institutions of higher education. Andrea’s publications, that have mainly centered on illuminating the experiences of immigrants as well as trauma research, may be accessed here

Contact: andrea.corralrodriguez [at] (Email)


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