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Certificat de perfectionnement professionnel en développement web dorsal

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 Kickstart Your Career As A Web DeveloperProgramming Your Future : Kickstart Your Career As A Web Developer

Join us for Programming Your Future: Kickstart Your Career As A Web Developer. A team of expert developers and McGill instructors in our new Professional Development Certificates in Front-End, Back-End and Full Stack Web Development will be on hand to discuss the latest trends, changes and challenges in web development, and how to capitalize on opportunities in this fast-growing field.


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Building and Publishing a WebsiteBuilding and Publishing a Website

During the session, former Google Software Engineer and Faculty Lecturer, Jacques Le Normand, will guide you through the process of building and publishing a website.


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Cours obligatoires
YCIT 008 Database Design Essentials (4 CEUs)
Key concepts of database management systems theory and practice, including basic concepts of designing databases, table creation, field definition, relationships and basic query.
YCIT 009 Database for the Web (4 CEUs)
Technical skills required to aggregate data, query multiple tables, implement SQL Functions, views, stored procedures, and triggers.
YCIT 010 Advanced Database Techniques (4 CEUs)
Focus on a wide range of technologies and applications to manage the entire data life cycle from acquisition to storage, transformation, integration, presentation, analysis, monitoring, and archiving. Introduces the reporting, analysis, and integration service packages.
YCIT 011 Object-Oriented Programming Concepts (4 CEUs)
Object-oriented application development, emphasizing business information systems and follows an interactive approach to systems analysis, design, and implementation. Focus on objects, classes, inheritance, interfaces, and packages, and application of these concepts.
YCIT 012 Node.js Fundamentals (4 CEUs)
Overview of the main concepts of Node.js and how to create and deploy Node applications with a focus on web applications. Characteristics of Node and example code.
YCIT 013 Web Application Development with .NET Core (4 CEUs)
Patterns and concepts used to build modern web application with Visual Studio and .NET Core. Entity Framework Core, and Core MVC, including JavaScript frameworks as well as client-side build tools and TypeScript.
YCIT 014 PHP Fundamentals (4 CEUs)
Overview of the PHP language, main concepts, syntax and control structures, as well as its web-context-specific features that make it a powerful tool for dynamic web pages and web app development. Demonstrates how to develop and adopt the methodologies and best practices of coding in PHP.


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