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The Human and Technical Challenges of Data Science Projects in Large Organizations

Mardi, 29 mars, 2022 12:00à13:00

During this interactive webinar, Cyprien Henry, PhD, Founder of Data Adepts, will offer lessons learned, both from a technical and human perspective, from two data science projects involving NLP completed in different industries: finance and manufacturing.

About Cyprien Henry, PhD

With an MSc and PhD from the Ecole Centrale de Lyon, one of France’s most notable schools of engineering, Cyprien Henry, PhD., has been working in data science for over 10 years. After getting his start at large organizations like General Electric and the European Space Agency, he moved to data science consulting at Capgemini Invent before creating his own training and consulting company in the field of data/AI, Data Adepts. To date, he has delivered countless data intensive projects and enjoys sharing his experience.

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