Graduate Faculty

The following faculty accept graduate applications and supervise theses and research projects:

Prof. Anastassios Anastassiadis
Modern Greek history and literature

Prof. Michael Fronda
Roman Italy; history of the Roman republic and early empire; interstate relations

Prof. Bill Gladhill
Roman republican and imperial poetry; the ancient body; Roman space and cosmology; history of Classical scholarship

Prof. Lynn Kozak
Homer, Thucydides, Greek tragedy, Plato; the reception and production of Greek performance texts and critical theories.

Prof. Stephen Menn, Department of Philosophy (Associate member of History and Classical Studies)
Ancient Philosophy (Plato, Aristotle, Stoicism, neo-Platonism)Medieval Philosophy,History and Philosophy of Mathematics

Prof. Darian Totten
Archaeology, landscape studies, Roman Mediterranean economy and society, Late Antiquity and early Middle Ages

Prof. Heidi Wendt
Greek an Roman religion, Early Christianity, Roman Empire

Cooperating Faculty

The following faculty do not supervise theses in Classics or History, however they may teach graduate courses and assist graduate faculty in supervision (co-supervision):

Dr. Naomi Kaloudis
Hellenistic and Augustan poetry, performance theory, literary theory, oral tradition, gender studies, reception, classical archaeology, and classical language pedagogy

Dr. Martin Sirois
Classical and Hellenistic Greek culture, Cynicism, ancient literary criticism


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