Lynn Kozak

Phd (University of Nottingham, 2009)

lynn.kozak [at] (Email)

Lynn Kozak works on archaic and classical ancient Greek literature, as well as its receptions, translations, and comparisons with contemporary texts. After their monograph, Experiencing Hektor: Character in the Iliad, released in 2016 with Bloomsbury Academic (open-access here) compared the Iliad's serial poetics to those of contemporary North American narrative television, they have also continued to work in television and media studies.

Recent publications (since 2018) include the co-edited volume The Classics in Modernist Translation with Miranda Hickman, and articles on H.D.'s translations of Greek tragic choruses (with Miranda Hickman), Homeric fandom in Greek tragedy, the politics of FOX's The Exorcist, how Lucifer's supernatural protagonists subvert procedural expectations, reconsidering parallel narrative strategies between ancient epic and contemporary North American serial television, Stranger Things' (Netflix) "binge-able narrative" (with Martin Zeller-Jacques), and the reception of Achilles and Patroklos in NBC's Hannibal. Works-in-progress include articles and book chapters on the shows of Robert and Michelle King, Homeric translation, performance, and dramaturgy, the vortex in Homer, Iliad 17, queer Homeric receptions (with Bruce King), and representations of American police violence in supernatural procedurals Lucifer and Evil.

Prof. Kozak is the organiser of the annual McGill Classics Play, a member of the Quebec Drama Federation and the Freestanding Room Artists' Collective, as well as the co-founder and co-artistic director (with Carina de Klerk) of Oimoi Productions, providing many students with mentorship and creative opportunities to work with Classical texts and performance within the broader Montreal community. Recent creative collaborations include literal translations of Hrosvitha's Sapientia, Sophocles' Oedipus Tyrannus (Centaur Theatre Brave New Looks Selection, 2017) and Aristophanes' Birds for Scapegoat Carnivale Theatre.

From January-August 2018, Kozak translated and performed the whole Iliad in weekly serial instalments, as part of an FRQSC-funded project "Previously On...The Iliad"; all performances are available to view on youtube. They also performed a version of the Apologoi from the Odyssey as part of the 2019 Festival Interculturel du Conte.

Pronouns: she/he/they (for press or print, please use "they")

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