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The Desautels Faculty of Management congratulates the following individuals who are the latest to be granted a Faculty Award for the period of September 1, 2017-August 31, 2020. The Faculty Awards recognise demonstrated research achievement and encourage the pursuance of future academic endeavors.

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Published on: 10 Nov 2017

By popular demand, storytelling app Wattpad has introduced an ad-free option, but it comes with a cost of $5.99/month for users.

Desautels professor Jui Ramaprasad shares her expertise on paid premium versions of online platforms and in what contexts they work.

According to Prof. Ramaprasad, many free apps have already converted users into paying subscribers through the introduction of a premium version, citing Spotify as a success story.

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Published on: 19 Oct 2017

Authors: Sanjeev Dewan, Yi-Jen (Ian) Ho and Jui Ramaprasad

Publication: Information Systems Research, Vol. 28, No. 1, March 2017


We study social influence in an online music community. In this community, users can listen to and “favorite” (or like) songs and follow the favoriting behavior of their social network friends—and the community as a whole. From an individual user’s perspective, two types of information on peer consumption are salient for each song: total number of favorites by the community as a whole and favoriting by their social network friends. Correspondingly, we study two types of social influence: popularity influence, driven by the total number of favorites from the community as a whole, and proximity influence, due to the favoriting behavior of immediate social network friends. Our quasi-experimental research design applies a variety of empirical methods to highly granular data from an online music community. Our analysis finds robust evidence of both popularity and proximity influence. Furthermore, popularity influence is more important for narrow-appeal music compared to broad-appeal music. Finally, the two types of influence are substitutes for one another, and proximity influence, when available, dominates the effect of popularity influence. We discuss implications for design and marketing strategies for online communities, such as the one studied in this paper.

Read full article: Information Systems Research

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Published on: 18 Oct 2017

Jui Ramaprasad, Associate Professor in Information Systems was recently appointed Associate Editor of the Management Information Systems Quarterly (MISQ), a top management journal.

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Published on: 16 May 2017

AuthorsBapna, R., Ramaprasad , J.Umyarov , A.

Publication: MISQ 


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Published on: 11 Jan 2017

The party just got more interesting. Finally, there is a fluid and seamless way to create real-time, collaborative playlists. Now you and nine of your friends can create one collaborative master playlist, or “Flo,” that users can add songs to via their SoundCloud or Spotify accounts or through their iPhone music library. The new free app Flo symbolizes the way we will socialize with music in the future.

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Published on: 30 May 2016

Tenure is granted to professors and librarians in recognition of excellent performance – and is the University’s strongest guarantee of academic freedom in research, teaching, and service. The year-long application process is a rigorous evaluation of performance.

At its May 16, 2016, meeting, McGill’s Board of Governors granted tenure to the 50 people in the 2015-2016 tenure cohort.

Forty-three Assistant Professors have been promoted to the rank of Associate Professor with Tenure:

Desautels Faculty of Management

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Published on: 26 May 2016

Authors: Krastel, Z., Bassellier, G., Ramaprasad, J.

Publication: 2015 International Conference on Information Systems: Exploring the Information Frontier, ICIS 2015


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Published on: 11 May 2016

According to Jui Ramaprasad, an assistant professor in the Desautels Faculty of Management, digital dating can be remarkably – and dishearteningly – similar to off-line interfacing.

“We still see these off-line social norms. Our results are derived from the idea men make the first move and that women leave this weak signal. It was more than surprising, it was disappointing – you would have hoped we have evolved beyond that.”

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Published on: 28 Apr 2016

Women are still hesitant about making the first move when it comes to dating, according to a new study about online dating that shows old-fashioned dating patterns still persist in the digital age.

The study’s findings surprised the researchers, including Jui Ramaprasad from McGill University, but it also turned up a piece of valuable information for women using increasingly popular dating sites to find a partner: don’t bother paying extra for the anonymity feature because it only lowers your chance of finding a date.

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Published on: 15 Feb 2016

Those who pay extra to browse anonymously on online dating websites are likely to be reducing their chances of a match, new research from the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University reveals.

Professor Jui Ramaprasad and her co-authors found that the traditional social norm restricting women from making the first move remains dominant online and, as men aren't notified if their profile is viewed, they can't contact women who might be interested in dating them.

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Published on: 11 Feb 2016

With the social acknowledgment of popular dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble, online dating has quickly gained traction in recent years. But when human interaction moves online, according to a recent study, behavior might be lost in translation.

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Published on: 10 Feb 2016

All men please take note! In the online dating world, women do not like to send personal messages to initiate contact and later mating and would rather send "weak signals" than making the first move, a team of Indian-origin researchers has revealed.

According to Jui Ramaprasad, assistant professor of information systems at McGill University, they still see that women don't make the "first move" online.

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Published on: 8 Feb 2016

That plaintive cry you heard over the weekend was the sound of millions of teens and tweens around the world mourning the imminent loss of One Direction, the hugely popular British boy band launched by "X Factor" and "American Idol" svengali Simon Cowell.
... “There’s a spillover effect,” said Jui Ramaprasad, a professor at McGill University who teaches a course on the music business. “It’s not just the effect of One Direction’s sales.”

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Published on: 26 Aug 2015

Taxi companies are playing catch-up in the battle for a smartphone presence. A Quebec company is developing its own app to allow taxi customers to order a cab from their phone, to track its location while en route and allow them to pay via their phone as well.
... “Uber has such a strong presence here already and has sort of become the market leader all of a sudden. Whether the taxi companies can get that back with this app will be interesting to see.” – says Jui Ramaprasad.

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Published on: 21 Aug 2015