Patrick Cortbaoui on securing food for the future

Published: 18 July 2022

Food security is one of the fundamental challenges to sustainability of the 20th century, with approximately 11.7 percent of the global population experiencing extreme food insecurity, according to The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World 2022 (SOFI).

The Margaret A. Gilliam Institute for Global Food Security, founded in 2010, works towards finding sustainable solutions and advancing annual agricultural productivity growth while conserving natural resources and minimizing environmental degradation. Managing Director of the Institute, Patrick Cortbaoui is one of the many professionals affiliated to the Institute working tirelessly to end global hunger by reducing food insecurities.

From his background in engineering at McGill to working with communities in Kenya, Cortbaoui’s work has been varied, as he now joins the Sustainability Projects Fund (SPF).

The SPF is the largest fund of its kind in Canada, valued at $1 million annually, and has the mandate to build a culture of sustainability on McGill’s campuses through the seed funding of interdisciplinary projects. 

Read the full Q&A in the McGill Reporter.

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