#NextLevel Instagram: The Basics


#NextLevel Instagram: The Basics

This workshop aims to provide participants who are familiar with Instagram with tips and tools to engage with their audience, including how to take their account to the #NextLevel. Special thanks to Interac Corp. for sponsoring this workshop.

Learning Outcomes:

• Introduce the notion of developing one’s own personal brand
• Become familiar with critically analyzing and editing pictures in terms of framing, lighting, colours and perspective
• Create captivating captions to further engage with their audience and/or reinforce their personal brand

Facilitator Bio:

Saima Ahmed is a doctoral candidate in the Division of Experimental Medicine. Her research focuses on utilizing digital health tools to provide person-centred care to individuals with cancer. Saima is the editor-in-chief of @gradlifemcgill, which aims to share the graduate student experience through social media.

Students must register with their official McGill email address in order for the registration to be valid.

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