Refer Students to CaPS

CaPS is more than a job listing service and knowing when to refer a student may be tricky. Through experience, CaPS has found that you should send students to us if they ask questions like:

  • What can I do with my degree?
  • Where can I get some experience in a particular field?
  • How would I know if this area of study is really meant for me?
  • Where can I find a job or internship?
  • Do you know anyone who works in the industry or has that particular career?
  • What type of company or organization would hire someone with my degree?
  • If I change majors, would that affect my job choices?
  • Does getting a Masters degree increase my chances of finding a good job?

No matter the particular question or inquiry, if you think a student can benefit from the services and resources offered at CaPS, please feel free to refer them. A CaPS staff member will be more than willing to help and guide them to find their answers.

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