Partner with CaPS

The CaPS staff would be pleased to work in collaboration with you and your department or student group in organizing specific events and activities tailored to the career needs of students. This could include targeted workshops and seminars, panel discussions, information sessions on career opportunities, or any other career related event.

If you would like to collaborate an event with CaPS: Event and Collaboration Request Form

ExL Program (Experiential Learning Program)

Experiential Learning ProgramExL Program is designed to provide tools, materials and resources around reflection for staff, faculty and student leaders, who are engaging students (of all levels) in any kind of experiential learning activity. To learn more how this program can benefit you: ExL Program

If you would like more information or would like to organize an event or workshop, please contact the CaPS office at 514-398-3304 (ext. 0321) or at careers.caps [at] (subject: Partner%20with%20us)

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