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2023 Summer Academy

McGill SGI Transformative Business Law Summer Academy 2023 

Montreal | Sunday 28 May – Thursday 1 June, 2023 | McGill University, Faculty of Law 

Call for Applications 

The Office for Sustainable Finance at the Faculty of Law at McGill University invites current students or recent graduates (2021 and later) in law, management, finance, sociology, and environmental studies to apply for the inaugural 2023 McGill SGI Transformative Business Law Summer Academy – TBLSA.  

TBLSA is a residential intensive training and collaboration program dedicated to the in-depth study of pressing topics in the areas of corporate governance, sustainable finance, supply chain management, ESG and human rights. TBLSA Fellows will work in small teams on specific aspects of a multi-dimensional case study. The groups will be mentored by experts and have 3 days each to draft and design a memo/ policy paper on one part of the case study (Mon-Wed). Thursday, all groups present and combine their memoranda into an animated visualization presentation for online dissemination. The “TBLSA 2023 Impact Paper” will be posted on the Business Law / SGI Office for Sustainable Finance /Desautels DELVE website and become a publicly available resource for lawyers, managers, and researchers in that field. All Fellows will earn a McGill-TBLSA Certificate and McGill students are eligible for three (3) academic credits. 

The 2023 TBLSA case study will focus on the following aspects of contemporary ESG governance: 

  • What are the challenges and opportunities for corporations in an age of ESG, EDI, CRT and the Purpose Economy? 

  • How can the financial incentives of a) non-financial corporations, b) institutional investors and c) specifically pension-funds be aligned with the pursuit of decarbonization, green finance and human rights protection? 

  • Which role should financial regulators play in facilitating the generation of green finance rules for financial and non-financial organizations? 

  • Which contributions can corporate law and securities law make to climate change mitigation? 

  • Which instruments in existing and forthcoming supply chain organization are available to implement ESG strategies, eradicate modern slavery and create inclusivity in global value chains? 

  • How can corporations enhance and strengthen democratic practices, inclusion and participation in an age of digitization and artificial intelligence? 

Applications must include a) a 1-page Statement of Interest, b) a resumé and c) a 500-word writing sample on a current ESG, EDI, modern slavery or democratic governance issue. Applications must be sent as 1 (one) single PDF file (named “2023TBLSA [last name of applicant]” to tblsa [at] by 24 April 2023, 12:00pm EST. All applications must have the applicant’s name and email also included in the application document. TBLSA Fellows are responsible for their travel and accommodation but meals during the Academy will be provided. Limited travel and accommodation stipends are available for students outside of Montreal or Canada

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