2019 Brain@McGill Undergraduate Prize


First prize:

Imaging Purkinje cell axonal torpedoes
by Connie H. Li

Second prize:

Discovery of Cognitive State Trajectories in Alzheimer’s Disease
by Anthony Chen

Third prize:

Optogenetic stimulation of the netrin-1 DCC receptor in HEK293T cells
by Hanna Davies


Award Ceremony at the IPN Retreat, September 19, 2019

From Left to Right:  Dr. Joseph Rochford, Dr. Cecilia Flores representing PhD Thesis Winner Lauren Reynolds, PhD Thesis Winner Dr. Carolina Makowski, Dr. Edith Hamel, 2nd prize winner Anthony Chen, 3rd prize winner Hanna Davies, first prize winner Connie Li.

Courtesy of IPN and Raina Fan (photo)

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