2014 Brain@McGill Undergraduate Prize

2014 Brain @McGill Prize Winners for Neuroscience Undergraduate Research



First prize:

Confronting Neurodegeneration: Insights into Parkin Function as a Protective Enzyme in Parkinson’s Disease
by Jonathan Krett

Second prize:

Amphetamine and the Adolescent Brain – Consequences for the Prefrontal Cortex
by Carolina Makowski

Third prize:

Elucidating the role of endogenous opioids in the regulation of social pain
by Yi (Daniel) Zhou

Photos from the Award Ceremony at the IPN Retreat, September 18, 2014

Dr. Kathleen Cullen presents the 2014 Brain @McGill Awards for Neuroscience Undergraduate Research.

Second place winner Carolina Makowski and Third place winner Yi (Daniel) Zhou. 
(First place winner Jonathan Krett was unable to attend.)


From left to right: Dr. Josephine Nalbantoglu, Dr. Kathleen Cullen, Daniel Zhou, Carolina Makowski,
Dr. Anne McKinney and Dr. Claudio Cuello.

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