2018 Brain@McGill Undergraduate Prize


First prize:

Sex differences in cognitive development following adolescent amphetamine exposure
by Sonia Israel

Second prize:

Maternal Immune Activation as a Risk Factor for Neurodevelopmental Disorder: Phenotyping Mouse Offspring
by Emily Snook

Third prize (tied):

Mitochondria-ER contact sites in astrocytes: a 3D ultrastructural analysis and quantification using Focus Ion Beam-Scanning Electron Microscopy
by Nensi Alivodej

The Role of Breathless in Hard-Wired Neural Circuit Formation
by Andrea Terceros


Award Ceremony at the IPN Retreat, September 20, 2018

From left to right:  Dr. Cecilia Flores (representing 1st Prize winner Sonia Israel), Dr. Mallar Chakravarty (representing 2nd Prize winner Emily Snook), Dr. Anne McKinney, Dr. Edith Hamel, 3rd Prize winner Andrea Terceros, 3rd Prize winner Nensi Alivodej, and Best PhD Thesis winner, Dr. Gian-Luca McLelland.

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