Partnership Resources

Partnership brings together impressive resources

The partnership with University of Oxford creates one of the most powerful research capabilities in the field of neuroscience.   It is increasingly the kind of investigative strength required to keep moving the markers in a hugely complex and costly field.

Here’s what each partners brings to the lab:


More than 130 principal investigators at Oxford are involved in neuroscience research and their groups include approximately 250 research assistants and more than 200 postgraduate research students.

Oxford’s strengths in preclinical studies are coupled with rapidly expanding clinical research and translational medicine, where the aim is to take new treatments from the bench to the bedside. This means research spans every level, from molecules and cells, through cognitive science and the genetic basis of common diseases, to the neurobiology of psychiatric disorders and the prevention and management of stroke.

The Centre for Functional MRI for the Brain also offers the latest developments in brain imaging.


McGill has long been known as a leader in neurosciences research and has taken this field as one of its top institutional priorities, building on the distinguished history and current strengths of its Montreal Neurological Institute (MNI) and the Douglas Mental Health University Institute

More than 200 McGill faculty across a range of disciplines focus teaching and research activities on areas directly related to neuroscience. McGill’s integrated program in neurosciences is one of the largest contemporary neuroscience graduate programs in North America. There are nearly 270 Masters and PhD students registered in the program at present and more than 100 graduate students registered in Basic Sciences departments across the campus.

Research, conducted in laboratories throughout the greater Montreal area and on campus, covers such thematic areas as molecular, cellular, systems, behavioural and cognitive neuroscience.

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