Oxford-McGill First Funded Projects

Oxford-McGill neuroscience collaboration

Funded Projects

Title: Neuroanatomical networks in auditory and motor learning

Oxford PI: Heidi Johansen-Berg
McGill PI: Robert Zatorre

Title:  Contrasting roles for human lateral and medial orbitofrontal cortex in reward-guided learning and decision making 

Oxford PI: Matthew Rushworth
McGill PI: Lesley Fellows

Title: Using magic to elucidate the cognitive neuroscience of attention

Oxford PI: Kia Nobre
McGill PI: Amir Raz

Title: Adult Subventricular Zone Neurogenesis in Preclinical Models of Schizophrenia

Oxford PI: Francis Szele
McGill PI: Lalit Srivastava

Title: The neural basis of fluent and disfluent speech in bilinguals who stutter

Oxford PI: Kate Watkins
McGill PI: Vince Gracco, Denise Klein


Title: Memory: Association and Consolidation

Oxford PI: Robin Murphy, David Bannerman, Jonathan Flint, Nick Rawlins,  Jonathan Sand
McGill PI: Karin Nader, Andy Baker

Title: Mechanisms underlying abnormal circadian sleep/wake and endocrine function in children with attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) and subjects at risk of developing psychotic disorders

Oxford PI: Russell Foster, Katharina Wulff
McGill PI: Ridha Joober

Title: Neurophysiological Mechanisms of Perception, Cognition and Action

Oxford PI: Wyeth Bair
McGill PI: Erik Cook

Title: Exploring the fundamental importance of foetal and early infant experience for later health: testing key findings in studies of early human development.

Oxford PI: Paul Ramchandani, Alan Stein
McGill PI: Michael Meaney

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