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December 1, 2013: McGill - Zürich Collaboration: Call for Applications

this article posted JUNE 2010

McGill forms exciting new partnership in Europe

Marking the third major partnership agreement in 15 months, McGill joined with the Neuroscience Center of Zurich in October 2010 to enhance neuroscience research in a host of areas.  The Zurich organization was formed in 1998 by two leading Swiss research institutions, the University of Zurich and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

The collaboration, backed by $200,000 in annual funding for three years, will see the institutions exchange scientists, develop research projects, establish fellowships for exchanges of graduate students, provide seed money for pilot studies and hold workshops into a variety of neuroscience research areas.

Fields of enquiry include pain therapy, Alzheimer’s disease, synapse modelling and repair, neuroimmunology and genetic mechanisms of brain diseases.

In the last 100 years Zurich scientists have contributed significantly to research on the nervous system, including work by such leaders in the field as Auguste Forel, Constantin von Monakow, Walter Rudolf Hess and Konrad Akert.

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