Tripartite Funded Projects

Results from the 6th Round of Calls (2019)

PIs: Fournier (McGill)/Saab (Zurich)
Title: Imaging of genetically coded cell viability sensors in EAE
Type: Pilot

PIs: Mechawar (McGill)/Pryce (Zurich)
Title: Human and mouse investigation into the influence of early-life stress on oligodendrocytes in the amygdala
Type: Pilot

PIs: Multhaup (McGill)/Biggin (Oxford):
Title: Molecular mechanisms of substrate specificity of β-site amyloid precursor protein-cleaving enzyme 1 of Alzheimer disease
Type: Pilot

PIs: Pattison (Oxford)/Faull (McGill)/Jensen(ZNZ)
Title: Understanding the brain-body interface and its importance for physiological and psychological symptom burden
Type: Workshop

Results from the 5th Round of Calls (2018)

McGill PI:  Naguib Mechawar
ZNZ PI: Chris Pryce
Title: Chronic stress, myelination, and neuroinflammation
Type: Workshop

Oxford PI: Adam Packer
McGill PI: Arjun Krishnaswamy
Title: All-optical neural circuit interrogation in the retina
Type: Pilot Project

ZNZ PI: Christain Ruff
McGill PI: Lesley Fellows
Title: Causal role of arousal systems for decision making
Type: Pilot Project

Results from the 4th Round of Calls (2017)

Oxford PI: Stuart Peirson
McGill PI: Nicolas Cermakian
Title: Chronopharmacology for circadian rhythm disruption: implications for psychiatric and neurological diseases
Type: Pilot

Oxford PI: Michael Kohl
McGill PI: Gil Bub
Title: Fast Multi-Planar Neuronal Imaging
Type: Pilot

Oxford PI: Martin Booth
McGill PI: Claire Brown
Title: McGill Oxford Neuroscience BioPhotonics Workshop
Type: Workshop

ZNZ PI: Paola Picotti
McGill PI: Thomas Durcan
Title: Understanding the molecular pathways of α-syn fibrils and mitochondrial quality control proteins in Parkinson’s disease using hiPSC-derived human neurons
Type: Pilot

ZNZ PI: Melody Ying-Yu Huang
McGill PI: Maurice Chacron
Title: Neuronal plasticity revealed by negative optokinetic afternystagmus after adaptation to the optokinetic stimulation
Type: Pilot

Results from the 3rd Round of Calls (2016)

Oxford PI:  Uzay Emir
McGill PI: Jamie Near
Title: Neurochemical changes in rat brain during optogenetic stimulation of the reward system
Type: Pilot Project

Oxford PI: Noel Buckley
McGill PI:  Stefano Stifani
Title: Mechanisms underlying the tumour-forming ability of brain cancer stem-like cells
Type:  Pilot Project

ZNZ PI: Reto  Huber
McGill PI: Mallar Chakravarty
Title: Investigation of training induced shape and volume changes within the Basal Ganglia in patients with spinal cord injury
Type: Pilot Project

Results from the 2nd Round of Calls (2015)

Oxford PI: Ed Mann
ZNZ PI: Bechara Saab
Title: A preliminary inquiry into the potential for hypothalamo-hippocampal MCH neurons to govern sustenance-relevant exploration and spatial memory
Type: Pilot Project

McGill PI: Danielle Malo
Oxford PI:  Peter Oliver
Title: Analysing the dual function of a novel nuclear receptor coactivator in the CNS.
Type: Pilot Project

Oxford PIs: Johanna Vannesjo and Karla Miller
ZNZ PIs:  Klaas Pruessmann
Title: System characterization and algebraic reconstruction: Deployment of advances in MRI technology for high-field neuroimaging
Type: Major Project

Oxford PI: Gaia Scerif
McGill PI: Armando Bertone (Jacalyn Guy travelled to Oxford to work in the laboratory of Gaia Scerif.)
Title: Defining syndrome specific mechanisms mediating socially contingent perception and attention across neurodevelopmental disorders. 
Type: 2015 Osler Travel Fellowship

Results from the 1st Round of Calls (2014)

McGill PI: Brian Chen
Oxford PIs: Goodwin Steven and Hania Pavlou
Title: Interrogating the role of mechanosensory neurons in male copulatory behaviours
Project type: Pilot

McGill PIs: Sal Carbonetto and Edward Fon
Oxford PI:  Richard Wade-Martins
Title: Uptake and accumulation of  alpha-Synuclein within the centrosome: Studies in ips Cell Models of Parkinson’s Disease
Project type: Pilot

McGill PIs: Jens Pruessner
Oxford PIs:  Elizabeth Tunbridge and Paul Harrison
Title: Proposal for an Oxford-McGill joint workshop on the biological effects of psychological stress
Project type: Workshop

McGill PIs: Jeffery Mogil
Oxford PIs:  David Bennett
Title: The application of functional genomics to mouse models of neuropathic pain variability
Project type: Pilot

Oxford PI: Philip Cowen
Zurich PI: Christopher Pryce
Title: Inflammation, Brain, and Depression: from human evidence to preclinical models to novel treatments
Project type: Workshop

Oxford PI: Vladyslav Vyazovskiy
Zurich PI: Reto Huber
Title: Synaptic and Cellular Mechanisms
Project type: Pilot

Oxford-Brain @McGill Funded Projects

Title: Neuroanatomical networks in auditory and motor learning

Oxford PI: Heidi Johansen-Berg
McGill PI: Robert Zatorre

Title:  Contrasting roles for human lateral and medial orbitofrontal cortex in reward-guided learning and decision making

Oxford PI: Matthew Rushworth
McGill PI: Lesley Fellows

Title: Using magic to elucidate the cognitive neuroscience of attention

Oxford PI: Kia Nobre
McGill PI: Amir Raz

Title: Adult Subventricular Zone Neurogenesis in Preclinical Models of Schizophrenia

Oxford PI: Francis Szele
McGill PI: Lalit Srivastava

Title: The neural basis of fluent and disfluent speech in bilinguals who stutter

Oxford PI: Kate Watkins
McGill PI: Vince Gracco, Denise Klein


Title: Memory: Association and Consolidation

Oxford PI: Robin Murphy, David Bannerman, Jonathan Flint, Nick Rawlins,  Jonathan Sand
McGill PI: Karin Nader, Andy Baker

Title: Mechanisms underlying abnormal circadian sleep/wake and endocrine function in children with attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) and subjects at risk of developing psychotic disorders

Oxford PI: Russell Foster, Katharina Wulff
McGill PI: Ridha Joober

Title: Neurophysiological Mechanisms of Perception, Cognition and Action

Oxford PI: Wyeth Bair
McGill PI: Erik Cook

Title: Exploring the fundamental importance of foetal and early infant experience for later health: testing key findings in studies of early human development.

Oxford PI: Paul Ramchandani, Alan Stein
McGill PI: Michael Meaney


ZNZ-Brain @McGill Funded Projects

Title: Role of spinal cord GABAA receptor isoforms in visceral pain and referred hyperalgesia (Funded: April 2011)

McGill PI: Fernando Cervero, Professor, Anesthesia Research Unit and Alan Edward Centre for Research on Pain
ZNZ PI: Hanns Ulrich Zeilhofer, Professor of Pharmacology, Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology

Title: Deciphering the role of cortical neuromodulation in neurovascular coupling: An optogenetics approach (Funded: April 2011)

McGill PI: Edith Hamel, Professor, Department of Neurology & Neurosurgery
ZNZ PI: Bruno Weber: SNF – Professor, Institute of Pharmacology & Toxicology

Title: Homeostatic synaptic plasticity: finding a unifying mechanism (Funded: April 2011)

McGill PI: Derek Bowie, Associate Professor, Dept. of Pharmacology & Therapeutics, Canada Research Chair in Receptor Pharmacology
McGill PI Anne McKinney, Associate Professor, Dept. of Pharmacology & Therapeutics
ZNZ PI: Shiva Tyagarajan, Junior group leader (Head of the laboratory: Jean-Marc Fritschy), Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology

Tittle: Mechanisms of polyoma JC virus elimination from the brain in progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (Funded: September 2011)

McGill PI: Jack Antel, Department of Neuroimmunology, Montreal Neurological Institute
ZNZ PI: Roland Martin; Head, Department of Clinical Neuroimmunology and MS Research
Neurology Clinic, University Hospital Zürich

Pilot Project:
In vivo Abeta microdialysis in freely moving and behaving APP-transgenic mice
Funded:  September 2011
Claudio Cuello
Professor, Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics
McGill University
Roger M. Nitsch
Director and Professor, Division of Psychiatry Research and Psychogeriatric Medicine
University of Zürich,
Tobias Welt
Postdoc, Division of Psychiatry Research and Psychogeriatric Medicine
University of Zürich
Jordan McAfoose
PhD Student, Division of Psychiatry Research and Psychogeriatric Medicine
University of Zürich

Pilot Project
Development and evaluation of novel techniques for assessment and rehabilitation of arm and hand sensorimotor function
Funded: September 2011
Theodore Milner
Professor, Dept of Kinesiology and Physical Education
McGill University
Roger Gassert
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Mechanical and Process Engineering
Rehabilitation Engineering Lab
Swiss Institute of Technology
Olivier Lambercy
Research Associate
Dept. of Mechanical and Process Engineering
Rehabilitation Engineering Lab
Swiss Institute of Technology

McGill ZNZ Network for the study of somnological and circadian bases of major affective disorders
Funded: April 2012
McGill University
Diane Boivin
Nicolas Cermakian
Florian Storch
Gustavo Turecki
Hans-Peter Landolt
Erich Seifritz
Steven Brown

Pilot Project
Deciphering the role of cortical neuromodulation in neurovascular coupling: An optogenetics approach (Renewal of proposal)
Funded: April 2012
Edith Hamel
Professor, Department of Neurology & Neurosurgery
McGill University
Bruno Weber
SNF - Professor, Institute of Pharmacology & Toxicology
University of Zurich
Antoine Adamantidis
Assistant Professor
Douglas Institute
McGill University


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