Several categories of internships are available:

1.      Water Resource Management

2.      Food Processing, Agri-tourism, & Water Resource Management

Unpaid Internships OR Special Topics (in Barbados or Remotely from McGill)

The following list describes internship opportunities available in Barbados. It is different from the BITS field study program (no lectures), and students are considered as interns at the host organizations. Both graduate and undergraduate students are eligible to apply. The dates and duration of internship vary according to projects. 

Students may need to travel to Barbados, and are responsible for all expenses associated with the internship. Accommodation can be arranged for homestay or at Bellairs Research Institute. Networking with University of the West Indies (UWI) staff is common for additional support. 

Undergraduate students may choose to take a Special Topics course (3 credit): 

  • Go to Barbados (average stay is 6 weeks) working with a Barbadian mentor  OR 
  • Work remotely from McGill on the same described project doing research under the supervision of the Barbadian mentor (using Skype, FaceTime, etc.). 

Current Opportunities

  • Sustainable Barbados Recycling Centre (SBRC)  
  • Walkers Reserve (formerly Walker's Quarry) 
  • Williams Solar Company 
  • Greenland Livestock Research Station  
  • Central Agronomic Research Station (CARS) 
  • National Conservation Commission (NCC)  

Potential Projects cover topics related to water resources, food production, renewable energy, ecological conservation, agri-tourism and indigenous history, etc. Please check this List of Projects.

To Apply 

Send CV and Preference for projects to: TBD


Basic Mobility Award -  minimum duration of study abroad (61 days) &  minimum credits (6). The award amount varies but is usually $1500. 

Enriched Educational Opportunities Bursaries (EEOs):

The FAES Internship Program for undergraduate students offers the options FAES 200 (0 credit) or FAES 300 (3 credit). “Placement must be for a minimum of 10 weeks, minimum at full-time (35h/week) or equivalent, in a position relevant to student's field of academic study.”  The Internship Officer at Mac is kendra.gray [at] (Kendra Gray).

The Macdonald Internship Award. The Internship Officer at Mac is kendra.gray [at] (Kendra Gray).

Arts Internship Awards for students in Faculty of Arts. 

McGill International Experience Awards 

Other Opportunities

The Walking School Bus (TWSB) is recruiting researchers to work on projects in Uganda and India. 

Students may join the expedition trips to Uganda or India, or conduct research remotely. 

Check out the TWSB website and the list of research projects in Uganda and India (Link to attached PDFs).

For those of you who do not know the extent of their work, TWSB supports access to education by providing a holistic approach to educational attainment. This three-prong approach of Transportation, Nutrition, and Curriculum helps students get to school, ensures they’re well fed, and improves their curriculum. 

Check out what Business Insider has to say about the sustainable School Bus Model and what Anderson Cooper thinks about the Reading Program.

Internships in Barbados and Uganda are eligible for Special Topics or Project credits. In some cases, these can be used towards a McGill Field Study Minor.

Internship Reports - Summer 2017

Identifying the Water Usage at the Sustainable Barbados Recycling Centre and Efficient Water Resources Management Strategies  |  Taghreed Chowdhury and Yingjie Wu