Application procedure for the BITS program

  1. Fill out the BITS application form;
  2. Email your letter of intent (maximum length: 1 page) and CV (can be written in either French or English) to caroline.begg [at];
  3. For non-McGill students only: also email a legible copy of your academic transcript.

Application deadline for the BITS Program for Summer 2024: January 19, 2024
Apply soon! Numbers are capped at 20 places.

Selection Criteria

Assessment will be done by the BITS teaching staff and is based on the applicant’s expression of interest, CGPA, study program and year. Criteria and relative weighting of these criteria are subjective and may vary from year to year.

Additional Notes

  • Even if you are not a McGill student, you are still welcome to apply.
  • Consult this page if you are an international student interested in coming to McGill on exchange to participate in the BITS Program.
  • If you are a UWI student, or an international student interested in coming to UWI on exchange, to participate in the BITS Program, please darren.browne [at]">contact Dr. Darren Browne, UWI BITS Director.
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